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Our founder Sharmila Seyyid / Nirbhaya, is a fearless soul as her name suggests (Nirbhaya = to be without fear). During her journey, she has inspired many, and above that, she has made a significant impact on many people in the country, especially single mothers and women in the war-ridden areas who were directly affected by Sri Lanka’s civil war that lasted for over 30 years.

Sharmila Seyyid is a poet, writer, journalist, thought leader, a single mother, entrepreneur and an activist. Her literary work includes two poetry collections named 'Siragu Mulaitha Pen' and 'Ovva' and a novel titled ‘Ummath’ which won “The Best Novel of the Year 2014” in India and published in English by Harper Colling publication.

She has been recognized for her contribution towards literature by the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers, Artists Association's Master Gorkki Memorial Award for Poetry Literature and the Tamiliyal Award presented by the Writers Motivation Centre, Srilanka. She is also the recipient of an "Inspirational Award" from Women in Management (WIM) in 2014.

Since 2014, she has shifted her attention towards social entrepreneurship where she believes she can make a tremendous contribution and Mantra Life is a result of this vision. Her mission to empower single mothers, war affected women and their children by providing hope, support and resources so that families can become self-sustaining and thrive.

Mantra Life focuses on promoting Sustainable living, improving Health and Well-Being of individuals, Sustainable Development, Environmental Support, Reconciliation and Women Empowerment with the broader goal of being a socially conscious venture.

Sharmila’s thoughts on why she started Mantra Life:

“When I became a single parent, I knew that I had a huge responsibility to take care of my little person who depended entirely on me. I believed in myself and knew that I had the strength do this. Despite the struggles and hard times, I forged my own path as an entrepreneur and can now support my child and myself. My goal is to help other single mothers find sustainable ways to be economically independent and live fulfilling lives.”


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