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A safe space is a formal or informal, static or mobile place, where women and girls feel physically and emotionally safe. ‘Safe’ means that women and girls meet in these spaces without fear of trauma, excessive stress, violence (or fear of violence), or abuse. It is a space where women and girls feel comfortable and can enjoy the freedom to express themselves without the fear of judgment or harm.

Our focus is to create a safe space where women can authentically connect with each other and be encouraged to walk in their Kingdom empower and freedom.

The key objectives of a safe space are to provide an area where women and girls can:

• Socialise and re-build their social networks;

• Receive social support;

• Acquire contextually relevant skills;

• Access safe and non-stigmatising multi-sectorial Gender-Based Violence (GBV) response

Services (psychosocial, legal, medical or referral and support to access any of these services);

• Receive information on issues relating to women’s rights, health, and services.


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